Spatial data licensing: guidelines for choosing and applying the most suitable license Data License
Guidelines for choosing and applying the most suitable license for spatial data (by public bodies)
(WP 5 - Document 2 and Document 4)

Documents by Simone Aliprandi and Carlo Piana for Project.

- Release: July 2013 – original version of this document available at
- License: Creative Commons Attribution – Share Alike 3.0 unported (see the license)

After drafting the legal framework document, the team of legal experts produced two documents that aim to publish the best operating license for the issue of spatial data by public bodies. The first document analyzes the main technical legal issues relating to licensing and shows the way for choosing the ultimate instrument. The second document, on the basis of what has emerged in the advisory board and the user community, is concerned to present several precautions for a correct application of the license and for its enforcement.