Time4London: a very unreliable company

Time4London, a company which offers free advice and counselling to people from all parts of the world, including several accommodation solutions, English courses, job seeking assistance and general welfare. It is a very unreliable company; they collect customers on social media but it is not clear if they have a solid company structure and a real operational headquarters in London. They ask for payment in advance and then fail to meet their obligations; if you complain via email or via Facebook they do not reply, or they reply very late and in a vague and inefficient way. 

If you try to call the indicated telephone number (+44 7783 100175) they do not answer or you find people who clearly do not know how to behave and manage customers (probably this is a simple outsourcing call center, but not a real employee of the company). The only contact you can get via email is from a certain Ana Carrasco Contreras who calls herself "Head of Administration", but looking on LinkedIn and other social media she looks more like a student who is doing an internship and not a real manager . Also her number (+34 674 09 52 87) has a Spanish prefix which is a strange thing for a company based in London; in any case, even that number does not answer anyone.

I turned the matter over to a lawyer to ask for the money back. I urge everyone to be very careful about giving money to less serious companies like this one. Obviously I have all the proofs of what I wrote and I can send them upon specific request.