My fourth time in San Francisco

In Italy we have a common saying that is "non c'è due senza tre", the meaning of which sounds like "if something has happened twice, it is bound to happen once again". But in this case for me is even the fourth time. In fact, after a short experience in 2004 and two long term stay in 2011 on the occasion of my Ph.D., next week I am taking an eleven hours flight to San Francisco.

Me at the panoramic point of Twin Peaks (Sept. 2011)
I am landing in SF on August 6 in the evening and I will leave on September 4 in the morning: 30 days of intensive therapy in the world capital of innovation. I will stay in a kind of students residence in the center of the city and I will follow a course of English that will keep me busy during the morning as well as helping me in refreshing the language. To complete my new Californian experience, I got already in touch with some non-profit organizations which offer some motivating volunteering opportunities and I have already saved in my agenda a few interesting events such as conferences and meetings. I relish the idea of keeping a travel diary with reportages and interviews; the most important posts will be published on (a quite popular Italian webzine about digital culture and innovation), and the other ones will be published here in the blog.
In my hope these 30 days on the bay would also be a good chance to meet again all the friends living there and to build some new friendships and professional relationships.
I will also update day by day a photo album, as well as publishing several posts on my social media. So... keep in touch


roxy ha detto…
Non c'è due senza tre e il quattro vien da sè!

Congrats! (con una punta di sana invidia..)