Two European Coordinators for Creative Commons

The staff of Creative Commons has now two European members. One is John Weitzmann from Germany and the other one is Gwen Franck from Belgium. They will replace Jonas Öberg (Sweeden) in the role of CC Regional Coordinators for the European area.

John Weitzmann, Regional Coordinator – Europe
As the Legal Lead for Creative Commons Germany, John joined the CC Community in 2006. He is based in Berlin and specializes in open content law, private order licensing in general and open science, both as a lawyer and as a journalist at the consumer information portal John periodically publishes papers on internet law topics, is a founding member of the Digital Society Association and vice president of the Internet & Society Collaboratory intervention platform. As time allows, John provides expertise to activist groups and initiatives. In the past John has inter alia participated in the Communia Project and served as a sherpa in the German Federal Governments IT Summit process.

Gwen Franck, Regional Coordinator – Europe
Gwen is a historian, now working based at Ghent University Library for the European OpenAIRE project. She is very interested in everything related to Open Science – trying to make “open” the default in scientific communication through Open Access Belgium, and enjoys experimental cooking and endless pub sessions in cozy Ghent. She likes to see herself as a multilingual globetrotter dedicated to communicating techy stuff to a broad audiences. She has practical experience at organizing events and virtual community management.

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