A legal framework of open (geo)data

A research document by Simone Aliprandi and Carlo Piana for FreeGIS.net Project.

- Release: June 2013 – original version of this document available at www.freegis.net.
- License: Creative Commons Attribution – Share Alike 3.0 unported (see the license)

This document is an offspurt of the article Open licensing and databases, published in International Free and Open Source Software Law Review (Vol 4, No 2, 2011) and availble at this link.


This is the first document produced by two experts involved in the Advisory Board of the Project FreeGIS.net and commissioned to stage 5 WP "FreeGIS Date Licence" (https://www.freegis.net/it/project).
The document deals with all the rules and policies regarding the sharing of spatial data. This preliminary analysis is the basis for the production of subsequent documents: FreeGIS.net DateLicense 1.0 and 2.0, and the creation of the White Paper containing the guidelines for the PAs. The explanation and understanding of these dynamics is essential in order to proceed properly. It is recommended to pay d attention to this document, which serves as the basic legal framework for the issue of public data with particular regard to geographical and spatial data.