Inkulator sounds funny for Italian people

Here is an English explanation of what I wrote in a previous Italian post about the name Inkulator chosen for a new app for Windows8 and clearly born from the merger of "ink" and "calculator". No problem for English speakers. But for Italians... ROTFL!
The reason of my sarcasm about the name of the app is that the word "inkulator" for an Italian mother tongue sounds like... "analfucker" or something like that. (yes, I am serious)

I raised some ironic concerns about this strange decision by a company called SurfaceSoft. Maybe it was better to ask an Italian mother tongue before publish the app. Now it is too late, and in Italy we having a lot of fun.

And... it is not over! In fact, although I am not a Spanish mother tongue, I am pretty sure that this name will sound funny also for Spanish speakers.
So... about 500 millions Spanish speakers + about 80 millions Italian speakers = about 580 millions people in the world laughing for this name.


UPDATE (March 15, 2013; 1.00pm Italian time)

Someone in Microsoft or in SurfaceSoft must have read this post (or another one between the numerous ironic posts published in Italy in these days). In fact, the app in no longer available on Microsoft's website; it is only available on SurfaceSoft's website with a different name (Kannaku).