A survey about copyright in the digital age: finally the results!

Maybe you all need a recap of the previous episodes.
On February 1, 2011 I announced on the web (via several mailing-lists and blog posts) the opening of a survey about some sociological issues related to copyright in the digital age. It was an online questionnaire that I realized as a part of my PhD research. Since that initial announcement I have always “solemnly” promised that all the results would be released with an “open approach”.
Now my PhD program has closed, my thesis has been defended, and the data has been adequately processed and commented; so it is the moment to publish them, using open content licenses, both on the web and in open access journals.
I realized a small website where you can browse a general presentation of the survey and its most interesting results. The website is a sort of "blog" and you can leave your comments and suggestion directly in its pages. All your comments and suggestions will be very very precious, since I am thinking about re-proposing the survey in the future.
A few papers and articles based on the data will come soon and will be added to the "related articles" page of the website.
Obviously, feel free to share this announcement wherever you want.
The official link is: www.aliprandi.org/copyrightsurvey.